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Apr 2017


IPRO Announces Investment from ParkerGale Capital

April 25, 2017

Tempe, AZ, April 25, 2017 — IPRO Tech, a global leader in the....


How You Can Go Digital for Easier Case and Document Management

April 25, 2017

Case management and presentation technology like TrialDirector offer a way to review and....


featurefocus: Keyword Heatmap

April 21, 2017

Get Answers Today If you have any questions about the Keyword Heatmap feature....

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What Is the Best Trial Presentation Software?

April 18, 2017

Let’s reframe the question. What does the best presentation software do? More importantly,....


5 Must-Follow Best Practices for Implementing New eDiscovery Technology

April 17, 2017

There’s no question any organization can benefit from new eDiscovery technology. However, it’s....


Three Concerns Keeping You from Embracing Electronic Document Management Software

April 11, 2017

Look around your office. What do you see? Perhaps there are towers of....