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Meet the people combining best-in-class governance and eDiscovery software with predictive analytics to give the most open and effective solution to data challenges.

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Our vision

IPRO revolutionizes the eDiscovery process by providing earlier, actionable insights before collection occurs, empowering legal teams to focus on what matters.

How we achieve this

We combine best-in-class governance and eDiscovery software with predictive analytics to give legal teams in corporations, government agencies, law firms, and legal partners the ability to conduct Early Data Assessment where the information lives reducing cost by more than 80% and slashing process time by more than 70%.

Cutting-edge technology is combined with

Decades of experience

We’ve been turning data into actionable insights for more than 30 years, lets explore our history.


Hello, world! IPRO Tech is founded as a litigation services provider.


IPRO starts providing solutions for paper-based discovery.


eScan-IT is born! We launch our first Electronic Discovery Tool.


Selected by Deloitte for our industry-leading processing engine. Still a valued partner!


U.S. Department of Justice chooses IPRO to streamline eDiscovery.


New HQ opens near Phoenix Zoo; animals rejoice with their new neighbors.


Acquisition of inData adding trial expertise and technology to our toolbox.


Bonjour! Acquisition of Montréal and Frankfurt-based NetGovern, specialists in agile Information Governance.


Hallo! Acquisition of Amsterdam-based ZyLAB, the industry’s most advanced eDiscovery and Legal Hold SaaS provider.

Facts & figures

We’ve been turning data into actionable insights for over thirty years

250 +


With over 250 employees, IPRO is able to serve its customers across four countries on two continents.

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Customers and growing

Organizations are choosing IPRO to solve discovery and governance challenges and save time in the process of doing so.

$ 1.6 billion

Annual savings

The companies that use IPRO’s eDiscovery tooling save a combined total of up to 1.6 billion dollars every year.

Collaboration across multiple locations

It’s actually more than 200 locations now that we are all mostly working from home. A picture is worth a thousand words, so here is one showing where we have remote employees and formal office space.

Work where you’re happy, whether that’s in one of our offices around the world, or from yours. Want to join the team? We’d love to chat!

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At IPRO, we have a knack for growing and stretching people. Over 250 IPRO employees can’t be wrong, this is truly a great place to work (and play)!

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