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IPRO Webinar: Ethics and the Defensible Use of Artificial Intelligence

Ethics and the Defensible Use of Artificial Intelligence

Watch Jan Scholtes and Bobby Malhotra discuss how Artificial Intelligence can be used in the legal sphere to increase accuracy, performance, and efficiency.

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March 8, 2023

How to Maximize Impact and Showcase the Business Value of Your Corporate Legal Team in 2023

Watch Sarai Schubert and Jeffrey Wolff as they delve into the role eDiscovery technology will play in supporting legal teams, and how corporate legal professionals…

February 16, 2023

Love What You Do

Watch eDiscovery colleagues and IPRO in this legal investigation rendezvous to learn how software made for experts like you can take your job to the…

February 8, 2023

Illumination Zone: Episode 109 | Ethan Treese sits down with Kaylee & Mary

Ethan Treese, IPRO’s Chief Commercial Officer, joined the leadership team at EDRM - Mary Mack and Kaylee Walstad - to talk about the NEW IPRO…

January 12, 2023

5 Easy Ways to Increase Legal Team Productivity

Watch as we unveil the five must-have traits of top-performing legal teams, and key differences for teams able to maximize productivity.

December 8, 2022

eDiscovery Elevated: 7 Ways Women are Leading Change

Watch as we expose 7 ways we see the eDiscovery landscape changing and how women are leading the charge in eDiscovery and legal technologies.

December 5, 2022

Preparing for 2023: 6 Foolproof Ways To Optimize ECA Workflow

Randi Trulove and Sonja Peterson discuss 6 foolproof ways for Law Firms to handle Early Case Assessment (ECA) more efficiently & effectively.

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