ediscovery day 2021

E-Discovery Day 2021: A Look at Industry Resiliency and Preparations for Reinventing the Future

December 3, 2021 | 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm ET

Through every kind of challenge – economic downturns, even a global pandemic – the eDiscovery industry has always been able to bounce back and prove stronger than ever. Join IPRO executives Ryan Joyce, VP of Strategy, and Nick Inglis, Director of Information Governance, for this look at the events that have pushed the industry to adapt, and how a convergence with Information Governance is making a big impact on the future of how law firms and corporations manage their data.

Why we partnered with ACEDS

ACEDS provides attorneys, paralegals, project managers, and other legal professionals with the leading source of e-discovery education and training. IPRO has had a long-standing partnership with ACEDS to help evangelize the use of solutions to help legal professionals think upstream and simplify their eDiscovery processes.

E-Discovery Day 2021 is recognized across the industry as a time to reflect on the profession and recognize progress, and strategize on future improvements.

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