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Healthcare Law & Compliance Institute

As we forge into 2022, healthcare CLOs and GCs continue to be called upon to advise and guide their executive leadership and boards through ongoing change and uncertainty. The Healthcare Law & Compliance Institute’s spring program will feature an intimate gathering of healthcare legal executives from across the country for a few days of information exchange and networking.

Interactive Think Tank: Understanding and Addressing Your Shadow Information Problem

In a world where hackers and ransomware criminals are regularly compromising healthcare organizations, it’s essential to evaluate all risk areas. Most healthcare organizations take great strides to ensure their EMR platforms can effectively secure protected health information and personally identifiable information. However, other enterprise systems that integrate with these tools, such as shared drives, SharePoint, and other organizational support applications, are not as well protected or governed. A myopic focus on protecting EMR systems has left healthcare organizations open to shadow information risk.

It is in these other informational environments where we most frequently find shadow information – data that that you don’t know exists but presents risk to your organization. Hackers and ransomware mal actors understand the value of finding shadow information; as the heads of your organization’s legal department, you should too.

Topic: Understanding and Addressing Your Shadow Information Problem

Speaker: Nick Inglis

When: Monday February 28, 2022
11:45am – 12:30pm

Where: The Ritz-Carlton, Sarasota, FL

Why we partnered with Healthcare Law & Compliance Institute

Healthcare Law & Compliance Institute continues to provide a unique environment for experienced and accomplished hospital and health systems legal leaders to gather on a regular basis. This aligns with IPRO’s focus to help healthcare and insurance organizations manage their sensitive healthcare data.