The Impact of Bias in Facial Recognition Technologies

EDI Leadership Summit breakout session: The Impact of Bias in Facial Recognition Technologies

October 14, 2021 | 9:45 am - 10:45 am PT

About the Summit

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About the Breakout Session

iPads and iPhones can be unlocked with a glance. Facebook knows how to automatically tag us in a photo. With the increased adoption of facial recognition in our everyday lives, why is its use facing bans as many civil rights organizations are calling for a moratorium on its use? Experts see the potential of artificial intelligence to bypass human error and biases. However, the algorithms used in artificial intelligence are only as good as the data used to create them and that data may reflect racial, gender and other human biases. It has been reported that most facial recognition algorithms exhibit bias. Research has shown that these technologies falsely identified African American and Asian faces 10 to 100 times more often than white faces and falsely identified women more than they did men. These algorithmic biases have real-life implications when they are used to support surveillance or policing and determine employment offers. This session will address the fairness and privacy concerns with the use of facial recognition technologies and the frameworks being explored to regulate its use.

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