Egnyte provides a cloud platform for enterprise file synchronization and sharing as well as content and data governance for business customers.

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Find & analyze data in place

Our integration with Egnyte provides access to live and archived items in Egnyte and other systems with all their metadata intact, empowering you to find and analyze data in place, significantly reducing the cost and time associated with traditional eDiscovery data collection methods.

Collaborate at any stage

Collaborate transparently at any stage on data stored in Egnyte and gain insights into the information far earlier in your eDiscovery processes. This new way of thinking about data enables you to reduce the risk, costs, and time associated with traditional data collection methods.

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Organizations may possess every bit of the data requested by the opposing party or needed for evidence, it makes no difference if it can’t be found. IPRO discovery ][ Enterprise ensures organizational information can be leveraged when the time comes to mitigate legal risks. Performing eDiscovery in-house by involving relevant business units, attorneys, paralegals, and HR, drives cost and IT involvement down.


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