Ipro’s New Streaming Engine Supercharges Eclipse SE

Tempe, Ariz., January, 25, 2017 — Ipro Tech, LLC, a worldwide leader in eDiscovery solutions, announced today the widespread demand for its SE Streaming module. This new processing module for Eclipse SE supercharges data streaming directly into Ipro’s desktop review application. SE Streaming is developed using the processing engine also found in Ipro’s Automated Digital Discovery (ADD) platform.

“One of Ipro’s 2016 initiatives was to adapt solutions for a wider spectrum of eDiscovery technology users,” said Ipro CEO Kim Taylor. “With SE Streaming, we’ve delivered. It’s a perfect solution for users that are looking for fast, high-end technology in a desktop application that is easy to use.”

Released in late 2016, SE Streaming was immediately implemented by a number of firms, as the module offers some of the most sought-after features in eDiscovery. SE Streaming gives everyone the ability to use sophisticated, high-quality eDiscovery software without being burdened with hardware and technical staffing overhead. As with all things Ipro, SE Streaming is simple, affordable, and automated.

The new module uses ADD’s processing engine to stream data into review at double the speed of today’s best desktop applications, at a minimum. SE Streaming also provides the high-demand feature of de-duplication based on custodian and other global criteria. Many of these features were previously unavailable to smaller companies that did not have in-house capabilities to manage the infrastructure.

SE Streaming allows users to further streamline their workflows through features, including intelligent file-filtering options and support of multiple-document archives, embedded files, password protected files and more. SE Streaming produces data that is fully compatible with the ADD platform should users need to upgrade to a more powerful technology.

About Ipro Tech, LLC

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