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The Learning Center: What’s New for Q3 & What to Look for in Q4

By Brittany Thaler, ACP eDiscovery

When we say the Learning Center is a living, breathing ecosystem, we mean it!

IPRO’s Product Learning Experience Team has planned to release new missions, learning paths, updated content, and more each Quarter. 

Take a peek at just SOME of what PLE released in Q3:

Self-Guided Learning:
Learning Path for discovery ][ Local 6.0
Learning path for Transitioning from Eclipse SE to discovery ][ Local 6.0
Processing Error Handling and Reporting in discovery ][ Enterprise
Image Job Quality Control in discovery ][ Enterprise
Export Sets and Productions in discovery ][ Enterprise
First Steps in Analytics in discovery ][ Enterprise
Moving a discovery ][ Enterprise Case to discovery ][ Local
Moving a discovery ][ Local Case to discovery ][ Enterprise
Moving an Eclipse SE Case to discovery ][ Enterprise
Recorded Webinars:
Administrator Training in discovery ][ Local
Administrator Training in ][ Trial Director
Administrator Training in Eclipse SE 
Still More Courses
On a Mission Courses:
Extracted Text or Search Not Giving Expected Output in discovery ][ Local
Sending Documents to Fact Management/Presentation in discovery ][ Local
Import a Clip Creation Script in ][ TrialDirector
Import metadata with a CSV File in ][ TrialDirector
Working with Native Files in ][ TrialDirector
Troubleshooting Courses:
discovery ][ Local Troubleshooting Courses
Fact Management Citations
Converting Page Level Tagged documents to Document level
Converting Private Tagged Documents to Public Tagged
][ TrialDirector Troubleshooting Courses
Duplicative Value Error
Missing Transcript Media

Q4 Courses

Whew, that was a lot! Be on the lookout for some of what’s to come in Q4:

Self-Guided Learning:
• Analytics and Advanced Searching in discovery ][ Enterprise  
Recorded Webinars:
• Getting Started with discovery ][ Enterprise
• Administrator Training in discovery ][ Enterprise
• Getting Started with discovery ][ Local
Getting Started with ][ TrialDirector  
On a Mission Courses:
• Intricacies of Data Sync in ][ TrialDirector
• Creating Exhibit Labels on the Fly
• Classification of Expert Reports and Patents in ][ TrialDirector
• Production BegDoc Overlays in discovery ][ Local
• Licensing and access assignments in discovery ][ Local and ][TrialDirector
• Preparing for an External Reviewer in discovery ][ Enterprise

As always, thank you for taking the time to review our blog. We look forward to creating new and exciting content that is practical and accessible 24/7. Feedback, new ideas, and shared pain points are always welcome to continue in the growth of our Learning Center; please feel free to drop us a line with your comments.

Happy Growing!

For more information about customer education and the IPRO Learning Center and Help Center, keep tuning in to our regular blog series from our Product Learning Experience team. 

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