The Future of eDiscovery: Technologies and Strategies for Tomorrow’s Massive Projects

Our existing eDiscovery practices won’t be enough – learn how new technology will revolutionize how we handle future eDiscovery review projects.

About the Webinar

eDiscovery projects will soon involve so much ESI that collecting and reviewing it won’t be feasible. That means a more systematic and efficient approach to collection and review is needed – and those who innovate early and often gain the advantage.

Morningside, a Questel Company, and IPRO presented an essential discussion on the latest eDiscovery technologies and strategies. Hear insights from expert eDiscovery panelists as they share what is needed to prepare for the next evolution of eDiscovery to not fall behind.

Transformative technologies are already here. See an example in action: the concept of “in-place search and assessment” of ESI is revolutionary today. It holds the greatest promise for cost-effectively handling tomorrow’s massive Discovery projects.

What was discussed

During this one-hour webinar, the following was covered:

  • Identify the coming changes and what to do to prepare
  • Improve competitive value with innovative eDiscovery partners
  • Provide more efficient legal services to clients and reduce overall costs
  • Manage expanding ESI, new data sources, and foreign language documents
  • Adapt workflows to the challenges of massive data projects