Corporate Legal Departments

Take back control of your corporate legal budget

Get better results faster, with reduced risk, by handling more compliance, investigations and litigation work in-house

Schedule and classify

Do more with less budget by confidently managing more Governance & eDiscovery work in-house.

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Manage more eDiscovery work in-house

Confidently insource more eDiscovery work to your corporate legal department and collaborate easily with outside counsel.

Get actionable insights in minutes, expose unknowns and find relevant evidence faster.
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Streamline in-house legal operations

Empower your corporate legal department to improve all eDiscovery processes.

Automate legal hold communication with custodians at scale.
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Govern your organization’s data

Confidently manage your organization’s data, and create downstream efficiencies.

Get rid of ROT, apply retention policies, and archive data to reduce costs and risk.
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2023 State of Corporate Legal Industry Report

2023 State of Corporate Legal Industry Report out now!

Find out what 2023 has in store for the corporate law industry, and how legal teams can maximize their business impact in the year ahead. Report available now.

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