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IPRO’s eDiscovery Suite is a powerful tool that gives legal professionals the ability to manage their data and prioritize what matters.

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IPRO Solution for Successful Litigation Preparation

Litigation readiness can be a major challenge for organizations. It requires careful preparation, swift responses, and sound evidence collection. Without the right tools and processes in place, organizations can face delays, costly penalties, and weakened defense against claims.

Our eDiscovery solution simplifies the process of collecting, preserving, and preparing data for use in litigation. Automated features help to quickly identify and preserve relevant data from any source, while also ensuring compliance with applicable laws and regulations. We make it easier to manage large amounts of data so that nothing goes overlooked during document review processes.

Litigation Readiness Solution Use Cases

Being fully prepared for any lawsuit or investigation that may occur can come in one of several forms, including Legal Hold and Preservation, Internal Investigations, and Data Collection.

Legal holds issued

Legal Hold and Preservation

Avoid spoliations, easily manage notifications and data on hold either in-place or archive.

  • Increase your defensibility against claims and reduce the risk of spoliation.
  • Save time with automated messaging, custom reminder scheduling, questionnaires and tracking.
  • Easily add custodians outside your organization, and ensure secure collaboration.

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Internal Investigations

Find critical information quickly with instant and effective in-place search and review capabilities.

  • Collect data and get instant insights to jumpstart your client’s investigation.
  • Find unknown patterns and zoom in on the evidence faster.
  • Collaborate with your client and third parties on a highly secure platform with document access management.

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Data Collection

Search in-place, cull and look at data before you collect to reduce time and costs of eDiscovery in litigation.

  • Analyze data upfront to collect only what you need, and ultimately reduce cost and time.
  • Focus on what’s important by using a natural process (working with Outside Counsel) that starts with what you know and expand as the story unfolds.
  • Provide managed data collection software where legal teams can self-service what they need.

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Live EDA: The Smart eDiscovery Solution

Live EDA is the only eDiscovery solution that allows teams to conduct Early Data Assessments on data sources in their original location, before any collection. This lets legal teams search, filter and query all data from one interface with greater efficiency, which helps reduce review time and costs by 80% or more.

Try Live EDA today and get started on your eDiscovery project quickly and easily. Our software is easy-to-use and will help you gain insights earlier in the process so you can make better decisions about which data to collect.

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