IPRO’s Trial and Arbitration Solution

Streamline Your Trial Preparation and Presentation for Maximum Impact

Optimize and speed up your case preparation and presentation process with TRIAL DIRECTOR – the comprehensive trial presentation software. Manage case evidence quickly and effectively and create powerful multimedia presentations that will impress juries and clients.

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IPRO’s Solution for Trial and Arbitration

With the complexity of trial processes, lawyers struggle to organize evidence, witness testimony and other case information in a time-efficient manner, limiting their ability to effectively prepare for trials.

Whether you are preparing for trial, mediation, arbitration, motions, or other pre-trial hearings, our solution empowers legal teams with state-of-the-art case evidence management, team collaboration, and presentation tools.

Trial and Arbitration Solution Use Cases

Plan for success during trial and arbitration, including Witness and Trial Preparation, as well as Evidence Presentation.

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Witness and Trial Preparation

Manage evidence in your case, organize exhibits for trial, and prepare witnesses for testimony.

  • Create a story with all the evidence at your fingertips, during trial preparation.
  • Build a strategic witness kit and tell your story.
  • Feel confident in the completeness of your facts, but be ready for any new information.

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Evidence Presentation

Build a powerful presentation with callouts, highlights and playlists.

  • Give an impressive presentation by bringing the evidence to light.
  • Avoid delays and interruptions as you are trying to capture the audience’s attention.
  • Build story paths and have a full, organized set of the exhibits at your fingertips to quickly find what you need.

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Streamline your entire trial preparation and presentation process with one powerful tool.

TRIAL DIRECTOR is the most flexible and widely-used trial presentation software available. Easily manage, organize, annotate, and customize your exhibits for large or small cases.

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